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Plan Your Buenos Aires Vacation

Glamorous and gritty, Buenos Aires is two cities in one. What makes Argentina’s capital so fascinating is its dual heritage—part European, part Latin American. Plaza de Mayo resembles a grand square in Madrid, and the ornate Teatro Colón would not be out of place in Vienna. But you’ll know you’re in South America by the leather shoes for sale on cobbled streets and impromptu parades of triumphant soccer fans. Limited-production wines, juicy steaks, and ice cream in countless flavors are among the old-world imports the city has perfected.

Top 10 reasons to go
1.Food. Modern Andean cuisine, tantalizing tapas, and some of the world’s best beef.
2 Tango. On packed dance floors or at ritzy shows, people move to the 2/4 beat.
3 Shopping. Palermo for hipsters, Recoleta for the jet set, San Telmo for bohemians.
4 Nightlife. Artsy cafés, romantic wine bars, pounding clubs, or packed rock concerts.
5 History. Eva Perón and Che Guevara are among the city’s unforgettable figures.
6 Modern Art. Paintings at the museums, colorful murals on walls throughout

When to Go to Buenos Aires

Fall (from April to June) and spring (from September to December) are the best seasons to visit Buenos Aires, when temperatures are in the fifties and hotels offer lower rates. During the summer months of January and February, expect outdoor concerts and markets, as well as humid heat and considerable crowds. Cultural happenings include the World Tango Festival in August and the Circus Festival in May.

•Wandering among the Art Deco and Art Nouveau mausoleums that fill the stunning Recoleta Cemetery—especially in the early morning (it opens at 7 a.m.), when no one’s there except for the cats and the women who feed them.
•A late-afternoon stroll through Palermo Chico, the exclusive neighborhood of French-style mansions that house embassies, TV celebrities, and the merely wealthy. Finish with a stop at the Floralis Genérica, a giant metal flower sculpture in the United Nations Plaza that opens and closes with the sun.
•Staying up late. Dinner starts at 9:30 p.m. at the earliest, and nightlife begins at midnight. You’ll have a lot more fun if you pretend you’re a Porteño (as locals are known) for at least one evening.

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