Grand Cayman is the largest of the 3 Cayman Islands. It is on Grand Cayman that you will find some of the most popular Caribbean activities, attractions, and festivals include the Cayman Islands National Museum, Rum Point, Pedro St. James, Bodden Town, and the first capital of the Cayman Islands, Cayman Turtle Farm, and the National’s Trusts Mastic Trail, a 2 mile traditional footpath through unspoiled woodlands.
On the west side of Grand Cayman you will find the famous Seven Mile Beach, the crescent-shaped natural wonder with boundless capacity for relaxation. The sand is as far as the eye can see, Grand Cayman’s Seven Mile Beach is often rated as one of the most beautiful beaches in all the Caribbean – and the least populated.
Don’t miss going to the North Sound and visit Stingray City and the Sandbar where you and your family have the rare opportunity to play with friendly Southern Stingrays.
When you’re looking to get off the beach, go to George Town, where you can see colorful traditional Caribbean-style buildings and finish the day off with a sunset cocktail. Grand Cayman offers duty-free shopping on signature brands such as Versace, Tiffany, Gucci, and more.
The Eastern districts of Grand Cayman features a view of azure waters with white sand beaches. If you have time go through the Queen Elizabeth II Botanical Park and learn about Grand Cayman’s rare Blue Iguanas, visit the Wreck of the Ten Sail, eat freshly caught fish in our local restaurants.
If you have sometime don’t miss going to Hell, Cayman Island. Yes there is Hell and you can even mail a postcard from Hell. Hell is a common tour stop, often shrugged at by those who go there. It consists of black volcanic rock formations that are thought to resemble what Hell might be like. You can get postcards postmarked there, and there are a couple of gift shops selling all the Hell-themed souvenirs imaginable.