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Things To Do In Switzerland

On the stage of the tourist map, Switzerland Tourism has and perhaps, will always be the most loved celebrity. Its class, glamour and style is impossible to compete with and its fan following extends to the whole world. Everyone has once dreamed, planned or even conspired for a Swiss holiday. Just like a star, Switzerland commands the attention of the eager traveler, is rather extravagant in its tastes and boasts of unspeakable beauty. Everything extracted from this wonderful country carries the luxury with it– Swiss chocolates, Swiss watches, Swiss cheese. Home to the Alps, the Swiss landscape has been the magical setting to many stories, from children’s favorite Heidi to Mary Shelley’s Gothic monster, Frankenstein; this alone should give you the sheer variety of views and things you would encounter here. No Switzerland itinerary can boast of having seen it all, but like everything Swiss, it can boast of quality over quantity. Here Things To Do In Switzerland.


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Getting Around

The Swiss railways promise comfort with great views of the running landscape from your window. Various lines connect almost the whole of the country. Buses and boats are also great options. To make your journey easier, you can book the all-encompassing Things to do in Switzerland via GuruEscape.

Places to visit in Switzerland: Zurich (Day 1 & 2)

Picture credit: mariusz kluzniak

The most desirable city in the world, the most livable city in the world and the birth-point of art and music movements, Zurich’s multiple identities have coagulated brilliantly into one multi-dimensional, vibrant and chic city. It’s fast-paced life, lively night scene and more than 100 art galleries and museums, have all come together to make sure this city becomes the very first experience of the Swiss traveler. In fact, so great is its fame that it is often misconstrued as Switzerland’s capital (over its actual capital, Bern). No Switzerland Itinerary gives Zurich a miss.

Note: Get a ZurichCARD as soon as you reach here. It will give you access to the city’s railway system and some of its museums, trams, cable train and boat services.

Amazing things to do in Zurich


1) Enjoy a Relaxing Boat Ride on Lake Zurich

Picture credit: Thomas Woodtli



2) Enjoy the Aesthetics of Contemporary Art

You are likely to stumble upon a gallery on every street, but you should specifically look for the Kunsthaus, Kunsthalle or the Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst.

Picture credit: kevin



3) Enjoy an Evening of Opera

Opernhaus Zurich has an in house opera, theater and ballet group that put up some popular performances in its elaborately built Opera house.

Picure credit: kuhnmi

4) Cycle around the city

Zurich has the coolest service of renting out bikes for free! Take one and wheel off to some of its historical landmarks or just enjoy its routine beauty.


Picture credit: David Ron



5) Welcome to the city of Chocolate

From rummaging through chocolate shops like Confiserie Sprungli and Confiserie Teuscher to taking chocolate tours around the city, the Swiss Chocolate is a dream come true.


Picture credit: Yendor Oz




Places to Stay in Zurich



Best Rated Places to Eat in Zurich

1) Haus Hiltl: If you some taste for fine-dining that falls within your budget, head to Hiltl. Its mix of European, Swiss and Mediterranean cuisine will drive you crazy. It’s an absolute treat for vegans and vegetarians who will find a larger variety of options than offered anywhere else.

2) Z. Alten Lowen: This quaint diner is a fine relief from all the crowded restaurants and cafes. Set in an almost natural and cozy ambiance, its creamy, drool-worthy pasta deserves to be washed down by its exquisite wine collection. Perfect place to grab some dinner with friends.

3) Restaurant Swiss Chuchi: How can the world famous Fondue not feature in a Switzerland Itinerary? The fondue here is vouched for by the locals along with its other local Swiss delicacies. The setting is a mix of modern and rustic and caters to a large number of visitors. Prior reservation is advised.

Zurich to Geneva: The Golden Pass Line

Picture credit: Simon Pielow

Travelling between these two places can be made much more fun if you head to Lucerne, which is around an hour away from Zurich and hop on the Golden Pass Railway which will take you through exquisite views of Lucerne, Interlaken, Zweisimmen and Montreux. The Golden Pass is one of the most recommended railway journeys on a Switzerland Itinerary. From Montreux, you can take another train which will take you to Geneva in about an hour.

Places to visit in Switzerland: Geneva (Day 3&4)

Picture credit: ITU Pictures

Describing Geneva as the world center for peace (headquarters to both the United Nations and the Red Cross) is somewhat of an oxymoron. The bouncing, zipping, swishing, racing nerve of the city can infuse energy even in the laziest of the tourists. The second gem from the places to visit in Switzerland list, Geneva outdoes its diplomatic image with its warm and welcoming markets, museums and natural landscapes. If you are looking for a good time, it doesn’t get better than Geneva.


Amazing things to do in Geneva


1) Find Treasured Souvenirs and more at the Plainpalais Flea Market

Picture credit: Kevin Gessner


2) Take a Day Trip to Mont Blanc – the Highest Peak in the Alps

Picture credit: Kirill ΞΚ Voloshin

3) Chill at Bains des Pâquis

Swim, Laze around, take a massage or enjoy some brunch; sloth is hardly a sin here.

Picture credit: AnaPaula.Andrade



4) Tour the United Nations’ Headquarters

Picture credit: Jack at Wikipedia



5) Gaze at some classical and tribal art at Barbier-Mueller Museum

Picture credit: Lorianne DiSabato


Places to stay in Geneva


Places to visit in Switzerland: Zermatt (Day 5)

Picture credit: Atibordee Kongprepan

Zermatt is a small snowy village at the foot of the gigantic Matterhorn peak. It’s a humble and quiet destination away from the glitz of Zurich and Geneva. To be honest, this is a sort of a stand-by on your Switzerland Itinerary; a resting place before you, once again, get swept off by the vivaciousness of St. Moritz. Apart from being home to snow adventures and breathtaking views, Zermatt is also the starting point of the Glacial Express – the almost unmissable experience of Switzerland tourism.

Amazing things to do in Zermatt


1) Take a ride from the highest cable car station in Europe: Matterhorn Glacial Paradise

Picture credit: ben d


2) Trek to Gornergrat

The view of the Gorner gorge is more than to die for!

Picture credit: CSaint Lin


3) Visit the Enchanting Glacial Palace

A chance to see ice sculpture 15-meters inside a glacier!

Picture credit: rumpelstiltskin1

Places to Stay in Zermatt




Zermatt to St. Moritz: The Glacier Express

Picture credit: Mark Goebel

This is undoubtedly the most loved train journey in the world. It is also a slow journey, about 7 hours that takes you across the wild, snow-covered Alps. It starts from Zermatt crosses Davos and drops you in St. Moritz. This is your railway journey of a lifetime!


Places to visit in Switzerland: St. Moritz (Day 6 & 7)

Picture credit: Valeria Viglienghi

The international ambassador for skiing, St. Moritz has become synonymous with the adventure, charm, thrill and the smothering beauty of the Swiss Alps. The point of origin for winter adventures, this alpine town has invited enthusiastic tourists, mad adventurers and pro-athletes and treated them with gorgeous mountain slopes and frozen lakes. Its resting beauty is complimented by its sophisticated infrastructure of some of the most luxurious and prime ski resorts, hotels, restaurants and galleries. Adventure and luxury know no better place to reside than in the cradle of the Alps, here in St. Moritz.

Amazing things to do in St. Moritz

1) Go Skiing and Beyond

You can oblige to the natural cliché of the ski resort or go for the adventure less taken with ice skating, kite skiing, curling, tobogganing, ice sledging etc.

Picture credit: pippawilson

2) Enjoy Alpine views from Piz Nair

One of the most beautiful peaks in the area with an operating cable car service and snowy terrains that once hosted the Winter Olympics.

Picture credit: Vasile Cotovanu

3) Get Inspired at the Serangtini Museum

The 19th century Swiss artist, Serangtini is much celebrated for his realistic paintings of the Swiss landscape. The museum hosts his largest collection of artwork in the world.

4) Walk through Local History at Engadine Museum

Takes you from the modern to the pre-historic past of the local culture.

5) Enjoy the Calm of St. Moritz Lake

Picture credit: trombone65



Best Rated Places to Stay in St. Moritz


Summary of Places in things to do in Switzerland



This exciting city should be at the center of every Swiss Itinerary. Its suave views, glittering skyscapers and art galleries adhere well to the Swiss standards. The city, crowned by the Alps, won’t let you off without some great memories.


Geneva is globally known for being the headquarters of the mighty United Nations. But, the city’s vintage charm, eloquent looks and bubbling energy will not only help you relax but live life at large.


Don’t go by its size. Zermatt might not be popular and mighty like Zurich or Geneva, but this small, snow-clad city at the hills of the Matterhorn peak has much adventure and pleasure to boast of. Plus, its a nice way to approach the country-side charm of Switzerland before moving on.

St Moritz

The ultimate romantic destination since time immemorial. St. Moritz almost reinvents what dream destinations should look like. The snow here is fashioned for the adventurist and the mountains, a muse for the romantics. If Moritz doesn’t get you back to Switzerland, nothing ever will.


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